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Step Up | Make A Fiscal Year-End Contribution Now!
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Make A Fiscal Year-End Contribution Now!

I’m Les Jones, proud Step Up Board member.

Eleven years ago, you would not have recognized me. I was living on the streets. My mental health condition was taking its toll on me and on my family. I had lost everything.

Today, I have been in my apartment for more than a decade, my relationship with family is strong and I am the Founder of Step Up’s Computer Learning Center. I’m living proof that your support and Step Up’s great staff and services changes lives for the better.

There is a reason Step Up is a 2018 Nonprofit of the Year! Step Up’s highly trained service teams are there for vulnerable individuals like me, from the first moment of outreach and engagement on the streets, to helping establish benefits, and then support for moving into supportive housing which we know is only the beginning of the story.

It is access to the rich array of Step Up’s client-preferred services that makes recovery possible for the adults and transitional aged youth it serves.  Trauma informed care, based on a harm reduction model, is provided by on staff nurses, psychiatrists, licensed clinical social workers, and therapists. A robust Vocational program provides meaningful opportunities for employment training and placement.

The vast majority of Step Up’s services are underwritten by government sources. But the costs of linens, towels, pots/pans, utilities/deposits, furnishings, and appliances, are not. The unfunded cost, per individual, is between $1-3000. We need your help!

 Yes! I will help Step Up meet its goal!


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