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Step Up | Lise Bornstein
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Lise Bornstein is a Partner at KFA, a full-service architectural firm specializing in affordable, senior, family, and special-needs housing; hospitality projects; market-rate housing; and adaptive reuse projects. Ms. Bornstein is the Partner-in-Charge for a diverse portfolio of affordable and permanent supportive housing projects, including the West Los Angeles VA Campus, PATH Metro Villas, Blue Hibiscus, SP7, Hayworth House, Pico Robertson Senior Community, the Havenhurst Apartments, and Step Up on Colorado.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Design in Architecture from North Carolina State University, Ms. Bornstein moved to Los Angeles in 1997, where she received her M. Arch. from the Southern California Institute of Architecture. Lise is inspired by the continuing evolution of the LA cityscape in a new era of transformation in communities and in the ways people live and work. She believes this growth will lead KFA to new and exciting projects with creative partners, while offering new opportunities in urban infill development. Committed to the advancement of people as well as the profession, she serves as the President Elect of the Association for Women in Architecture Foundation, and also volunteers with a local animal shelter and a community reading program for children. Ms. Bornstein joined Step Up’s Board of Directors in 2016.