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Step Up | Sunjay’s Story
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Sunjay’s Story
Sunjay’s Story

Sunjay enrolled with Step Up in April of 2017 after experiencing homelessness for nearly 3 years.  Sunjay is a transgender woman and is representative of the nearly 40% of homeless youth in Hollywood who identify as LGBT.  As a result of her gender identity, Sunjay has dealt with prejudice and harassment which led to struggles with depression, compounding her low self-esteem. In May of 2017, she first met Dr. Jimenez and restarted medication for Depression.  She began meeting regularly with her therapist, Emma Carr, and was able to secure an internship at the LA LGBT Youth Center where she was residing in their temporary shelter.  By August 2017, Sunjay moved into her own apartment at Step Up on Vine in Hollywood.  Step Up on Vine has 32 studio apartments and there is dedicated Life Skills staff on site to provide assistance and support to clients who are transitioning into housing.  Step Up on Vine is also located less than a mile from the Step Up Hollywood staff office, and the Hollywood TAY team is able to provide intensive, field based support.  After being in housing for several months, Sunjay completed her internship and joined a dance troupe where she was so successful she was asked to start a troupe of her own.  She also enrolled in classes at Los Angeles Community College and is attending classes to this day. Sunjay is very motivated to change her life around. She still sees Dr. Jimenez once a month for check-ins.

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