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Step Up | Levi S.’s Story
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Levi S.’s Story
Levi S.’s Story

Levi S. has always had a fascination with cooking and cuisine. This interest led him to enroll in the LA Trade Tech Culinary Arts Program. Upon graduation, Levi’s goal was to follow his passion and find a steady position as a chef. In January 2016, Levi S. enrolled as a participant in the Vocational Training Program at Step Up on Second St. “In the past two years, as Levi’s social skills improve, his culinary competence has become more and more clear,” said Len Lovallo, Program Director, Vocational Programs. “It has been amazing to watch his transformation.”. 

Today, Levi S. assists the Kitchen Manager in menu planning and creating delicious and healthy meals for Step Up members. “Cooking gave me a direction in life and something to enjoy,” he said.

Step Up