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Step Up | Jade’s Story
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Jade’s Story
Jade’s Story

At 18, Jade went to Texas to enroll in college, but her mother would not sign the loan paperwork to fund her tuition. When she returned to Los Angeles, her mother had moved and would not allow Jade to live with her. Alone and filled with anxiety and depression, Jade turned to drugs to self-medicate. Now living on the streets, she became part of the fastest growing population in Los Angeles County: young adults experiencing homelessness, many of whom have untreated mental health conditions.   

Fortunately for Jade, she found her way to Daniel’s Places, where she found comfort and support from caring friends and therapists who have sustained her through her struggles.  

Jade now lives in her own apartment in Hollywood, works at a department store, and plans to complete a Peer Specialist program at Loyola Marymount University. Your support made the difference in Jade’s life.

Step Up