Step Up Stories

Step Up’s members heal, recover, and thrive!

Dana H.’s Story
“If anyone would have told me nine years ago that I would be homeless at the age of 51, I would have responded, ‘No Way! I have a good job, a place to live and a nice life. I am a responsible person! It will never happen to me!’”

Dana H.

Danny L.’s Story
“I’m thankful that I can work at Step Up in this capacity. And my position gives me the ability to buy extra things to enhance my life”. 

Danny L.

Dante’s Story
“God started opening doors for me and I was blessed to be training with staff and peers who helped bring out my potential, and that has given me a path to a beautiful, prosperous and positive future.”


Leon R.’s Story
“Step Up gave me my life back and I am here today because of them. My hope in humanity was restored.”

Leon R.

Levi S.’s Story
“Cooking gave me a direction in life and something to enjoy.”

Levi S.

Denise K.’s Story
Denise K. is focusing on reducing some impulsive behaviors, developing and implementing a routine and further healing from trauma and isolation. She has managed to work diligently with different members of her team to overcome these hurdles.

Denise K.

Fay’s Story
Fay lived on the streets of Santa Monica for over 15 years. She was well known in Santa Monica because she lived in a little house she constructed out of a cardboard box and duct tape. Fay’s “house” was on wheels and she pushed it wherever she went.


Jade’s Story
Fortunately for Jade, she found her way to Daniel’s Places, where she found comfort and support from caring friends and therapists who have sustained her through her struggles.


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Provides one hour of work force development training to a Step Up member.

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Provides a Welcome Home Kit to furnish and outfit an apartment for a member.

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