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Step Up on Second Artists' Gallery


Ramon Lucindo: "Dive, part 2"



Ramon Lucindo: "Digging for Oil in the Copper Planet"



Ramon Lucindo: "A Study in Balance"



Sara Leedom: "untitled 1"



Emory Lambus: "Untitled (blonde woman)"



Emory Lambus: "Sobriety"



Emory Lambus: "Che"



Michael Kort: "A Howie Day"



David Johnson: "Because We Love Color"



Joey Gaeta: "Jungle"



Mikaila Ireth Cason Zesiger: "Untitled (white horse)"



James Bryant: "Stranded"



Marto Adams Booker: "Dear Kurt, Farewell"



Ramon Lucindo: "The Good Will Out"



Ramon Lucindo: "Religious Dealers"



Ramon Lucindo: "Finding Joy in a Bloodbath of Pain"