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StepUp | Step Up In Hollywood: Sustainably Ending Homelessness.
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  • June 8, 2011

Step Up in Hollywood: Sustainably Ending Homelessness.

Los Angeles is the homelessness capital of nation. More than half of individuals who are chronically homeless are also affected by mental illness. Although we’ve become numb to it, their suffering impacts us all. Step Up is the model provider of permanent supportive housing for these our most at-risk neighbors, surrounding them with the supportive services and human relationships needed to thrive. Last year President Bill Clinton introduced Step Up on Second to the world as a Clinton Global Initiative “Commitment Maker” for its Commitment to Action: “Step Up in Hollywood: Sustainably Ending Homelessness”. By 2014, Step Up will acquire, develop, and operate 200 permanent supportive home units in Hollywood. To fulfill this CGI commitment, Step Up has the strong support of the City of Los Angeles; Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky, 3rd District, Los Angeles Board of Supervisors; the Hollywood and Vine Business Improvement District (BID); the Hollywood Media BID; the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce; Global Philanthropy Group; local neighborhood associations; and many committed private residents of the Hollywood community.  Your commitment and our collective action will make our communities better, stronger, safer, and far more humane.

Vision: The vision of the Step Up in Hollywood Capital Campaign is to lead the commitment to solving homelessness through fiscal and social responsibility in Hollywood and beyond.

Mission: The mission of the Step Up in Hollywood Campaign is to provide the resources needed to surround formerly homeless individuals with supportive services and human relationships as a crucial part of sustaining long-term housing for them in Hollywood.

Strategy: The Step Up in Hollywood Campaign will accomplish its mission by developing the needed financial resources with like-minded individuals through Education, Advocacy, and community participation in Hollywood.

Goal: The goal of the Step Up in Hollywood: Sustainably Ending Homelessness is to develop the financial resources needed to acquire, develop, and operate 200 LEED-certified permanent supportive home units using multiple green technologies by 2014. Two projects (66 home units) are currently underway in Hollywood:Michael’s Village is a 32 unit project located on Sunset Boulevard acquired in November 2010. The building requires only minor rehabilitation and work is underway. The first tenants are expected to move in May 2011. The supportive housing project is due to be complete and 32 units fully occupied by August 2011. Major private funding for Michael’s Village was provided by Aileen Getty. Step Up on Vine is a 34 unit project located on Vine St. The supportive housing project and drop in center will be completed and open by December 2012. Step Up on Vine is planned as a LEED-certified building. Step Up’s partner in the Step Up on Vine project is Shangri-La Construction.

Future Site of Step Up on Vine

Michael's Village

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