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From Victim to Survivor to Victor!

Hope and recovery are the outcomes of Step Up’s 3 core strategies! Permanent Supportive Housing: In alignment with Opening Doors, the Federal Strategic Plan to prevent and end homelessness, ...

Now It’s Our Turn to Serve Our Veterans

Step Up is partnering with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to eliminate Veteran homelessness in Los Angeles County by 2016 and is committed to housing 100 Veterans by the end of ...

Early Intervention Creates Positive Outcomes

Gaura G. is a former Daniel’s Place member who received supportive employment training and placement through Step Up’s Vocational Training Program. Gaura first started her training in the kitchen

Outreach and Engagement is Key!

The Outreach & Engagement teams of Step Up and Daniel’s Places actively engage Transitional Age Youth (TAY), adults, and veterans experiencing chronic homelessness, mental health issues, and ...

Meet Sally, the Voice of Step Up

Meet Sally T., the voice of Step Up! When an individual calls Step Up at (310) 394-6889 for assistance of any kind, the person they often speak with is Sally T. A receptionist in the Vocational ...

The Opportunity to Recover and Thrive

Step Up staff provided the initial support, a generous donor made the lead gift, and the Computer Learning Center was off and running! Computer Learning Center Founder Les Jones, left, is a ...

Meaningful Employment Opportunities

In 2005, Gerardo became a member of Daniel’s Place, one of Step Up’s program offering member-driven supportive services for Transitional Aged Youth (aged 18-28 yrs.) In 2009, Gerardo joined Step ...

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