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Embracing the Hollywood Homeless

“I’m Kerry, what’s your name?” It’s 4:30 a.m. on Monday, and Kerry Morrison, a Hancock Park mother of two teens, stops a limping man named Vicente at a Chevron station on Highland Avenue in ...

Hollywood Homeless Registry: Day 3

Wed. 3:30am: Rain changes the homeless landscape as individuals relocate for more to cover. In new locations, two people agreed to be interviewed who yesterday refused. I interviewed a person, ...

Hollywood Homeless Registry: Day 2

Team W9: 3:30am. We went out two-by-two this morning. First stop, three individuals sleeping on the parking. One team woke up a middle aged man who, at first, declined to be interviewed. But as ...

Hollywood Homeless Registry: Day 1

Team W9 gathered at 3:30am and headed out to the streets of Hollywood. At around 4:00am our group spotted a gentleman in a wheelchair trying to cross Highland while towing a wagon full of ...

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