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Pay for Success

Step Up on Second attended the 2012 HousingFirst Partners Conference this week in New Orleans, along with many Los Angeles public/private/nonprofit practitioners. An interesting discussion ...

1146 Tamarind Avenue

Through another successful collaboration between Step Up on Second and Aileen Getty, the 10-unit property, located at 1146 Tamarind Avenue, was purchased in October of 2011. The 10 home units ...

Day Three: Wind in the Sails

Continuing in the nautical theme, if Step Up on Second is the great ship navigating the sea of change, then what is the powerful wind to billow our sails and speed our progress? At custom trade

Day Two: CGI

sea change: noun 1. A striking change, often for the better. 2. Any major transformation or alteration. We are seeing a sea change in terms of ethics related to the way we address ...

DAY ONE: Clinton Global Initiative 2011

“Tall ships sail in deep waters”… This is how Joe Cahn, one of our beloved board members, once described the voyage of Step Up on Second -- steadfast in its course, and always increasing its ...

“A Home for the Holidays”

This holiday season,  join Kobe Bryant and other committed Angelino’s in “A Home for the Holidays” Year End Campaign! A Home for the Holidays Brochure Your support helps Step Up provide ...


Start Spreading the News... We're Leaving L.A.! Join us every step of the way at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York City, September 19-22, via Facebook, Twitter and our blog. On the ...

The Solution is Simple.

In every community there always has been, and always will be, individuals who because of their vulnerability are unable to sustain themselves on their own. It is the role of community to be the ...

This Father’s Day

After decades of separation from his father, a member of Step Up on Second shares his experience, strength, and hope through the true story of the recent healing and renewal of their father-son ...

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