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Community building

Tod Lipka, CEO Step Up on Second sharing Housing First model with service providers in Hillsborough County FL "Efforts so far have not been delivering the services needed in a comprehensive ...

Homeless no more

In the LA Times article written by journalist Steve Lopez, you can read how new Step Up resident John J. was homeless for 30 years. Every other attempt for housing with him had failed for three ...

Shattered lives can become healed and whole

It is Step Up's unshakeable belief that every individual, family, and community affected by mental illness can have the opportunity to experience recovery. Kudos to the brilliant and courageous ...

Most-at-Risk Get Help

"She was one out of a lucky thousand. When a team of homeless advocates found Dorothy Edwards two years ago this month, she was one of a thousand of the most at-risk street dwellers across Los ...

Abandoning the shame of mental illness

"Her husband had been emotionally unraveling for months; paranoid, delusional, his mind hijacked by stubborn mental illness and dangerous drugs. So when Erik Lamberg left his family in Hermosa ...

New thinking on mental illness and prisons

Two great letters in LA Times Opinion today in response to the 8/10 front page Steve Lopez article "There's a Step Up for mentally ill inmates", featuring Andy: Nora Hamilton of Santa Monica ...

Recovery is possible!

"There is little in Andy's appearance or manner that offers a clue as to what he's been through. The arrests, the jailhouse beatings, the commitments. He's soft-spoken and unassuming, so much ...

National Conference on Mental Health

See all the wonderful progress being made, and the many interesting panelists!

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