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Step Up | Become a Monthly Sustaining Donor!
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Become a Monthly Sustaining Donor!

Sign up today!

Step Up believes every person deserves a home and a job regardless of their circumstances.

We need you to stand with us as a monthly sustaining donor.

Your consistent support in 2018 will ensure housing, vocational training and placement and supportive services for those who are the most vulnerable in our community.

As a Sustaining Donor, you’ll receive this special edition Step Up White Beach Bag – exclusive to Sustainers

invitations to Step Up Events and Step Up’s monthly newsletter via email!




                                                                            Examples of how your support might help:

$10 a month for a year provides a nursing visit for a person with chronic health needs.

$15 a month for a year provides client transportation for a year.

$25 a month for a year provides a young person to receive vocational support.

$50 a month for a year provides 12 Hours of mental health support.

$100 a month for a year provides a Welcome Home Kit for a person moving into permanent housing.


Don’t forget you’ll receive this Step Up Beach Bag  – exclusive to Sustainers!

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