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Step Up | Recovery Is Possible
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“Together, we can end homelessness and move more people experiencing mental health issues into a compassionate environment in which to recover and thrive.”

Tod Lipka, Step Up President & CEO

“I’ve been doing this long enough to know that what Step Up is doing is profoundly good, and profoundly needed. So build it, support what Step Up is doing, and stay at this until there is no body wandering the streets alone just because their friends and neighbors didn’t realize they were also their brothers and sisters. ”

President Bill Clinton, January 14, 2013, Step Up on Vine

“Our vision is to make Los Angeles an ideal place for Veterans.”

Robert A. McDonald Former Secretary of Veteran Affairs and member of Step Up Honorary Board

“Over the next two years, Step Up will provide access to permanent housing and a rich array of support services for an additional 1,000 individuals, each having lived on the streets for an average of 5 years.”

Tod Lipka, Step Up President & CEO


Step Up works to support individuals experiencing mental health conditions and homelessness in these communities.


Partners and Supporters

A preview of some of our excellent partners and supporters.

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Step Up