We provide help, hope and a home for individuals experiencing mental health issues in Santa Monica and beyond

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Our Members

Members of Step Up on Second and Daniel’s Place have the opportunity to experience the embrace of community, the healing power of art and productivity, and progress towards their self-determined goals. The involvement of our members in creative writingperformance and visual artsFresh Start Catering facilitates personal growth, problem solving skills, and self-sufficiency.

The Learning Center of Step Up on Second aims to provide members a nurturing educational environment with easy room access, convenient scheduling hours, excellent educational materials, effective teachers, and a variety of classes tailored to the needs and abilities of students.  The Learning Center shares space with the Art Heals Gallery, and is located just left of the Step Up on Fifth residential entrance behind the glass door. We welcome students who wish to supplement their home, school, library, and Step Up on Second computer access if they are taking online college and university courses. View a weekly class schedule for the Learning Center here.

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each year we serve over 1,200 individuals
experiencing mental health issues.

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