Step Up and Daniel's Places Provide: Vocational Training and Placement


The courageous individuals served at Step Up are part of a sobering national picture: 50% of individuals who are homeless are affected by serious mental illness; hundreds of thousands of men and women are incarcerated due to acting out when untreated; thousands of loved ones take their lives each year; 70,000 individuals are in state psychiatric hospitals; and individuals affected by serious mental illness get food from garbage cans each day.

Serious mental illnesses are real, biologically-based disorders that are no one’s fault. The individuals who are seriously ill, imprisoned, impoverished, and punished by their untreated illness don’t deserve to be ignored…

Step Up and Daniel’s Place provide:

Help  Comprehensive, wraparound support services & programs leading to relapse prevention, self-sufficiency, and recovery for individuals affected by mental illness.

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Hope  The embrace of community, empowerment to work towards self-determined goals, and advocacy to reduce discrimination.

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Home  Permanent supportive home units leading to stability, inclusion, and recovery.

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each year we serve over 1,200 individuals
experiencing mental health issues.

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